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Author, Jasmine Chante Russell, @jchante__ on IG.

As summer and outdoor activities make their return, it’s especially important to remember the steps necessary to minimize the impact of sun on your skin.  Now is a great time to make sure your self-care ritual is utilizing this one amazing vitamin correctly. Drumroll....

Vitamin A in the form of retinol works by increasing skin cell turnover, getting rid of old cells and replacing them with healthier new ones. The result is decreased imperfections including wrinkles and discoloration.  Hello beautiful!

Adopting Vitamin A into your routine before your skin shows signs of aging is ideal, and definitely incorporate it into your routine if you are starting to notice fine lines.  We love our lines, they show life and vitality, but we can also still get our glow on!

Where to start? The skin under and around your eyes is extremely susceptible to wrinkles and therefore could benefit greatly from treatment. Your neck and décolletage are also highly neglected areas that should be treated with retinoids as they can certainly show signs of aging.  Consistent use is one of the most important elements to getting the results you’re looking for.  Give the Vitamin A time to work and you'll have lasting results.

Another important thing to remember about Vitamin A retinoids is that they should be applied at night.  It was once widely believed that retinoids should be completely avoided during the summer but actually your skin tends to be more moisturized during the warmer months, so now is a great time to introduce retinol into your nighttime ritual.  Then top it off with some cool moisturizer for a good night's rest. You can even refrigerate your moisturizer for an added spa effect.  Enjoy.

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