Councilwoman Conquers New York Fashion Week: BCB Community Feature

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Jibs Abitoye was elected as Councilwoman for the City of Fort Saskatchewan in October 2017. Jibs has a bachelor’s of science degree in Economics from the University of Lagos and certified as a Project Management Professional. She also completed a 4th class power engineering course at the Northern Alberta institute of Technology (NAIT).

She believes beauty happens from the inside out. "You have to take care of yourself body soul and spirit.  You need a sound mind and spirit and you accomplish this by mindset work and spiritual work. When this is done, you radiate on the outside. Let’s not forget exercise and eating right," she said.  Plus, she loves face moisturizer.  Jibs added, "Wellness is taking care of not just your physical self but your soul and spirit."

Jibs’ previous work experience includes Financial Advisor at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), Project Cost Controller at Dow Chemical and Credit Risk Analyst at the Guaranty Trust Bank in Nigeria. Last year, she started a fashion line and three months after was in the prestigious New York Fashion Week to showcase designs from her fashion. Through her fashion business she has empowered low income women in Africa and supported organizations supporting victims of domestic violence in Alberta. Because of this work, she has been on three TV stations and numerous radio, newspapers, magazines, podcasts and blogs.

We so often find it hard to brag on ourselves, so Refinne asked her to dig and tell us what she loves. "My favorite personal quality is I’m an encourager and I use it to encourage and motivate people to be their best self."

Jibs is an adventurer and loves to dance. She also loves to spend time with her family and enjoys watching soccer with her husband.  She has volunteered on the Family & Community Support Services Board, Navy League Cadet and as the chair of the Fort Saskatchewan Multicultural Association. In 2017, she decided to take her involvement within her community to another level by running for city council. She ran against 14 other candidates and emerged with the 3rd highest votes. She currently serves a 4-year term as city councilor until 2021.  She is an encourager and loves to show women that anything they dream of is possible. She believes in breaking limitations and emerging as a giant in whatever field you find yourself, she left us with a critical view, "we have to demonstrate our confidence because it is beauty."

Connect with her in community @divineitybyjibs

Refinne is a bold, conscious beauty brand supporting the wellness of accomplished multicultural women.  We advocate for self-care through skincare, and uphold clean beauty standards as a plant-based, paraben free, sulfate free, talc free brand.

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