Dentist and Diva featured on BET: BCB Community Feature

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We're honored to connect with Dr. Krystle Maria, a dentist and true diva by definition.  The textbook definition of a diva is a successful female singer.  Our community guest today is just that, a singer, artist and dentist.

Krystle does it all – pop, rock, R&B, and rap. She also boasts another feature that many artists cannot – a doctoral degree in dentistry. As a songwriter, Krystle’s process is organic and personal. She lets the vibe of a beat and her feelings guide her pen.

Refinne is all about encouragement and positivity.  We asked her what she loves most about herself and she said, "My favorite personal quality is being innovative. I am not an average person I do a lot of things that I hope one day I would be able to use my abilities to do mission work in underserved areas."

True beauty rooted in confidence, resilience, and intelligence is our vibe here a Refinne.  Dr. Krystle Maria agrees, "Beauty to me is not just physical appearance. Beauty is combined with a person's spirit and how that shines through and reflects on others."

Krystle Maria has had a music video featured on BET Jams and was showcased in the 2018 DMV Female Cypher. Krystle wants to be an inspiration to young girls – she wants them to know you can be a dentist/doctor, pursue higher education, and still pursue creative endeavors. She believes in living life to the fullest. Her music is relatable, makes people want to have fun, and exudes positive energy.

Her must-have clean beauty product is a good mask.  Whether in the dentist’s chair or on the radio, Dr. Krystle Maria will make you smile. 

Connect with her in community @krystlemaria_

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