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Healthy skin starts from the inside out.  What you put in your body matters just as much as the amazing Refinne cremes and oils you use on your body.  If you haven't read our Creator's, Dr. Jenn Edwards, story yet, be sure to check it out on our site. She had significant skin conditions affecting her quality of life.  So, she hacked her health as well as created the handmade products that inspired the Refinne collection.

Refinne believes in not just skincare, but self care.  Skin inflammation and conditions like eczema - or even fibromyalgia and IBS - are often rooted in diet and stress management.  Eczema actually often represents a response of your immune system and can be considered a helpful gauge of the inflammation going on in your body.  Acne is often an inflammatory response to your diet and hormones.  Hormonal balance is closely linked to your food intake and sugar levels.  Refinne carefully chooses and creates non-inflammatory products for our collection.  We encourage you to ensure your internal state is not inflamed either. Wellness matters. 

We strongly support the auto-immune protocol  (AIP) as a way to restore your skin and get the most out of the Refinne collection. In short, avoid processed foods and foods that are not from natural sources.  Here are details when you're ready to fully commit. So, listen to what your body is telling you.  We're not here to diagnose or treat medical conditions, but we can educate you on self care choices.  Everything works together.  

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