Glimpse Into The Soul

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Author, Jasmine Chante Russell, @jchante__ on IG.

In acknowledgment of all the resilience that it takes to be a woman, it’s important to set aside time for self-care. Beauty routines are an ideal self-care activity because they can offer both physical and mental restoration. The relaxation and pampering of a beauty routine is a simple but effective way to relieve stress and recharge.

The things that drive you are some of the most important parts of what makes you who you are and can also add a little stress to life sometimes.  Whether it be your hobbies, your loved ones, your career or all of these, what you’re passionate about is like a glimpse into the soul.  Take time to reflect, love life, and live well by protecting some self-care time for yourself.

Taking this time fosters resilience, and is transformative for your energy and your mood.  We are all about joy here at Refinne.  The ability to find joy in difficult times is major, and bringing joy to others is one of the most caring things you can do. Plus, a sense of humor can also be the basis of many significant human connections and ease our sometimes complicated journey.

You are an accomplished woman. The skills you’ve honed also deserve appreciation, not only for the inherent usefulness they give you, but also for the experiences they represent and how those experiences have molded you along your life journey. The things you’ve invested your time in show what you value and how you’ve chosen to impact your world.  That's what bold, conscious beauty is all about.

We're here to support you in taking time to love yourself from the inside out.  If you need an easy skincare ritual and feel inspired to do a little something special, you can give yourself a total at-home spa experience using a facial complete with our charcoal mask, one of our faves.

Cheers to your resilience.  The strength it takes to be a woman is evident and undeniable.  Put your best face forward.

Refinne is a bold, conscious beauty brand supporting the wellness of accomplished multicultural women.  We advocate for self-care through skincare, and uphold clean beauty standards as a plant-based, paraben free, sulfate free, talc free brand.

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