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Author, Jasmine Chante Russell, @jchante__ on IG.

Refinne's top priority is supporting the wellness of accomplished women through clean beauty. In recent years, the clean beauty movement has grown into a massive one, meaning there are various definitions of what “clean beauty” actually is, but for us it means plant-based, paraben free, non-GMO products meant to make you look as well as feel your best. 

Feeling your best obviously has a lot to do with confidence, but also health. In many cases clean beauty is synonymous with non-toxic beauty and consists of products created to promote health and wellness using natural ingredients, unlike some popular beauty trends that utilize various potentially harmful chemical ingredients.

We encourage women to go plant-based with their wellness rituals.  Plant-based benefits have been known by our grandmothers and practiced through home remedies for generations. Plant-based ingredients are also biodegradable and therefore have less of an impact on the environment when discarded. Additionally, our plant-based products are developed through cruelty-free processes.

Refinne products are vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, sulfate free and carcinogen free. The collection was personally created and curated by Refinne’s founder Dr. Jenn Edwards, in partnership with our lab, who began making natural skincare products for her personal use with sensitive skin needs and clean beauty in mind. 

Jennifer said, "I wanted to serve the multicultural community of women that are often excluded from the beauty conversation, let alone clean beauty conversation.  We are elevating skincare to reflect the beauty of medium and deep complexions too, and acknowledge the need for a safe space for restoration and wellness.  We've believed we are beautiful all along.  It's time for a skincare brand that recognizes it."

Refinne is a bold, conscious beauty brand supporting the wellness of accomplished multicultural women.  We advocate for self-care through skincare, and uphold clean beauty standards as a plant-based, paraben free, sulfate free, talc free brand.

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