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The times we're in are challenging.  Bold, conscious beauties are rising to the occasion.  It's ok to thrive, and it's ok to rest.  Refinne had a chat with Mariah, a mental health leader.  She's offering you some free resources for restoration and sharing her take on beauty.  According to her, beauty represents "the journey of being better, stronger, wiser. Bringing people together and not tearing others down. Spreading the aloha in anything you do."

We reinforce positivity and encourage our community to think the best of themselves and others.  This can be tough at times, but we can dig deep to celebrate our own value.  Mariah says her favorite personal quality is that she loves, "I am always trying to learn more and do more in my studies. [I'm working on a Master's in Public Health and Mental Health." She also volunteers and stays active in her community.  True to bold, conscious beauty, she always tries to help when she can.   

A good face moisturizer is must-have for Mariah's wellness ritual, and she said "Wellness to me means that you aren’t counting calories, doing activities because it’s a trend. It’s finding your journey. Listening to your body and mind. It also means slow down. Walk instead of run. Change the scenery, change your mentality, and look at things from different perspectives."  She added, "We have to demonstrate our confidence because nobody knows you more than you. Nobody can tell you your journey to happiness, success, and love. This is something everyone goes through at their own pace."

That's the Refinne spirit. Mariah is offering free mental health trainings, connect with her in community @joyfulcreations1203

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