Your Pandemic Skincare Ritual

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Author, Jasmine Chante Russell, @jchante__ on IG.

Skincare is having a moment.  Social media is no stranger to beauty trends, which have remained a mainstay during this time of change.  Various Tik Tok, YouTube and Instagram users fight off boredom by sharpening and showing off their makeup skills through challenges and trends. The creativity ranges from new skincare rituals, impressive everyday makeup, to extravagant glam looks and even to special effects makeup.  Healthy skin is certainly critical to serving as a beautiful canvas.

Everyone can get in on the fun by taking this as an opportunity to learn. Personally, I finally conquered strip lashes over the past month. As every beauty lover knows, practice makes perfect and what better time to practice than while stuck at home? It’s also likely that many of us will want to take our beauty maintenance into our own hands, whether that be because shops in our area are still closed or out of personal caution, so coming out of quarantine with a new found makeup proficiency is certainly a possibility and something to be proud of.  Plus, good skincare is the best foundation.

For those practicing makeup or those doing extravagant looks to pass the time, it’s important to remember that a lot of makeup calls for a skincare routine that protects and rejuvenates your face, maintaining your equally important natural beauty.  Makeup and radiant skin can go together when you take the time to create a clean beauty ritual.  A vitamin-rich and reliable primer is essential to both a makeup-ready face and healthy skin.  Priming is immensely important as the barrier between your fresh skin and whatever makeup products you may choose to use.

With the changes this pandemic is creating in skincare, the free time it’s offering clean beauty lovers and the opportunity to build new habits can be restorative and fun.  Now is the time to put your best face forward on video calls and develop a self-care routine that supports your wellness long term.

Refinne is a bold, conscious beauty brand supporting the wellness of accomplished multicultural women.  We advocate for self-care through skincare, and uphold clean beauty standards as a plant-based, paraben free, sulfate free, talc free brand.

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