Our Story

Female-Founded | Carefully Curated |  Non-Inflammatory

Wellness scientist, Dr. Jenn Edwards created Refinne just for you.  She understands how important it is to see ourselves among the brands we invite into our homes, so she ensured that representation was at the core of Refinne's mission. 

Refinne offers plant-based, non-inflammatory skincare solutions for diverse women.  The brand "Refinne" is Jennifer's name spelled backwards, though missing the j.  The name effectively captures the enlightened vibe of women on the path of advancement and growth. 

Jenn is dedicated to wellness for women.  She believes a critical aspect of wellness is personal care.  Jenn created Refinne to personally curate non-GMO products that nurture wellness in accomplished women.  Jenn is a fourth generation entrepreneur, and Chemistry graduate of Florida A&M University.  She earned a PhD focusing on the health of women from Howard University.  

As a lifelong sufferer of eczema and dermatitis, Jenn was committed to curating a collection to ease skin discomfort, pain, redness, and scars while restoring a healthy appearance.  She personally understands how skin sensitivities and artificial ingredients can affect quality of life. 

Jenn was able to end her long term usage of prescribed skin steroid creams and shots once she found the proper natural skincare and wellness solutions for herself.  She has made her own natural products for over ten years and began sharing them with family.  Refinne is her chance to share skincare essentials with you.

Jenn personally creates and curates the Refinne collection.  She ensures our product maximizes wellness, are fair trade, and have optimal formulations free of harmful artificial preservatives.  She also analyzes product formulations to make sure they are built upon the most lean and clean ingredient list possible. 

A woman feels and performs her best when she invests in her own care routine and wellness.  When she's feeling bold and confident, she is able to show up best for the people who need her most.  Refinne is here for your skincare, self-care, and wellness needs.  Put your best face forward.  Shop and tell a friend.