Build: Plant Based Collagen Smoothie Powder

Build: Plant Based Collagen Smoothie Powder

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Fresh cucumber lime plant-based collagen builder.  Add one scoop to your glass of water or morning smoothie to build your body's collagen production.  Perfect for your daily self-care ritual. 

Reported collagen benefits include improved skin, joint, muscle, and bone health.  Contains Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, plus vegan collagen boost, bamboo extract, turmeric, and other holistic collagen-building ingredients.  231 grams. 21 servings.

VeganSoulSistahs, we're glad you're here.  This was created especially  for you.  When 300 of you order this powder for your kitchen, we'll go to production. Allow ~6 weeks for delivery at that point.  We're honored to partner with your Admin, Tamera Currington, on this launch.  Thank you for your commitment to the plant-based lifestyle and for believing in our growing brand.

Retailers: For wholesale/bulk orders use code B2B2020.